beat less music genre

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beat less music genre
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Messagede breckjensen » Mar 24 Oct 2017 07:27

Hello ,

any one know of a genre of music that dose not have a consent background drumbeat?
lately all must i listen to just sounds boring and the same because of that constent sound thats always there almost no matter where you skip to any song

the beat just sort of feels like when some one draws something and leaves the construction lines in but the lines make up like 50% of the image but basically every song ever dose this that i have been able to find and its just getting old lol

next time i find an example of something with out the beat i will link it but even then i dont think i have found one with none at all other than something like orchestral or something

thanks for any suggestions

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well, i think it' a very loud and difficult problem Breck, but why not ? Don't forget the idea : "not time to be in time". The jingle belle is one of our proudly fiction. Of course you are a little man, but tomorrow a big chief in you. You are the reference. You know what i mean that's all folk ? Last time or when the rainbow and the purple rain are in the little farm, next Texas Rangers. Need for Opportunities ? Call 000-56486-777. After the night only...
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